In 2010, Sarl GILLES MOREL obtained the combined QSE certification according to the international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 for the head office in Lempdes.

This approach reflects our company's commitment to environmental issues and the management of health and safety risks at work.

Sarl GILLES MOREL undertakes, in compliance with legal and contractual requirements, to implement the necessary human, technical and financial resources.


  • To understand the current requirements and expectations of customers, but also their future needs in order to increase their satisfaction.
  • Develop and promote a high level of technicality and be reactive.


  • A respectful attitude towards the environment and a sustained attention to pollution prevention (soil, water, air, fauna and flora).
  • Maximum limitation of pollution and nuisance (noise, vibration, etc.) for the neighbourhood.
  • Reduce and sort our waste for better recovery.
  • Comply with the applicable regulatory requirements (Environmental Code, etc.).


  • Carrying out its tasks in compliance with the principles and rules of health and safety in order to prevent any physical or material damage.
  • Minimising the risks to staff by carrying out legal training and periodic checks.
  • Comply with applicable regulatory requirements (Labour Code, etc.) and carry out legal training and periodic inspections.

As integral part of our management approach, it is a source of progress.

It promotes the quality of work. It is an essential condition for the development of our employees and contributes to the satisfaction of our customers.

To achieve this policy, the management :

  • Uses recognised control tools: ISO 14001 (Environment), 9001 (Quality), and OHSAS 18001 (Safety).
  • Uses a global risk analysis approach.
  • Raises staff awareness of safety, quality and environmental aspects (by posting the policy, meetings, etc.)
  • Controls personnel (internal audits, management reviews, etc.)
  • Corrects non-conformities by analysing them and determining the necessary corrective actions.

As manager of GILLES MOREL Ltd, I am committed to applying our quality, safety and environmental management system and to doing everything possible to actively contribute to its development and continuous improvement.

We exist thanks to our customers, they are our reason for being. I have established a Quality-Safety-Environment policy which is known to everyone and which everyone has undertaken to respect. It is displayed and communicated to all new employees, who are thus informed of the importance of meeting the requirements of customers and other interested parties: Quality-Safety-Environment Policy.

Lempdes, 29/08/2020